Iceland Wedding photographer | Alex + Jenn

January 24, 2017


Black Forest, Mainz, Germany

A few months back, my brother asked me if I would come over to Iceland for the New Year and capture a couple portrait session for his girl and him as he was planning to ask her to be his wife…

First reaction of course, was tears. Happy tears of course. But after, it was damn yes I will come! Over the next couple of months we planned it all in secret and I made my way over to Reykjavik on the last day of the year. What an amazing place to start of 2017.I know Iceland has become hugely popular over the last few years but it is true there is something unique about this place. It’s like being lost in the middle of a “sexy” version of Mordor.

The weather dictates the day in Iceland and when we met up, it didn’t fell to do so. With only 5 hours of daylight to play with, it turned out to be the worst ever conditions I ever shot in. Rain coming sideways, gusts of wind, cold. I barely had a few second to focus before my lens was cover in rain drops and the Icelandic landscape disappeared in the background (luckily, we were able to meet up for half an hour the next morning before their flight to capture some images in the gorgeous winter sun). Although the conditions were not at their best, we took the challenge, embraced the adventure. I think the love these two have for each other shines through (and also curling up helps you to keep warm!). It was such a privilege to be there and I will cherish this moment I got to share with them.





Truly amazing pictures – brought tears to my eyes seeing Alex all grown up. I am so happy for Alex, Jenn and your entire family. You truly have a gift and an amazing talent for capturing things on film that most people would not see. What a wonderful start to what is yet to be!

Hello from long ago Emilie. It is a long time since we were working together on getting you to come to UBC. And since then much has happened in your life. These photos are simply amazing. What talent you have. It is such a pleasure to be around Alex and Jenn and seeing their blossoming love.