I have been a full time photographer for 8 years and shot over 100 weddings, including a few celebrities ones, while moving my business countries along the way. I’ve made some mistakes of course but learned skills from every steps. Speaking or listening to other professionals in the industry has always been useful and a great way to improve as we all have our moments of doubts and loneliness while running our own business. It’s a long journey and we are all constantly acquire more knowledge.

This is why I offering these mentoring session. Whether your at the start of your journey as a wedding photographer or need some one on one guidance to push your business and creativity further, the idea is to talk about you, where your at and tailor the session around your needs. From technique to workflow or finding the right client, I’ll share my experience as a wedding photographer and former intellectual property lawyer, to give you some guidance and advice for running a smoother business and pushing yourself further.

The aim is to provide you with useful tool and information based on your needs. Therefore, I will want to get all the details about your business, your work and yourself! We can discuss any subjects you want:

  • How to be efficient at running your business: from enquiry to delivery of images.
  • Workflow and editing.
  • Getting on the path to finding your ideal client.
  • Customer service and experience.
  • Finding your style: trends come and go, but what makes you, you.
  • How to interact with your couples during portraits, how to capture natural portraits.
  • Lighting techniques.
  • How to interact with people on the wedding day: weddings are emotional day in a family’s life. How to you gain their trust to get the shots your after.
  • What can you do when shit happens: trust me, it will once and while. How do you manage your clients expectations in these situation.
  • Contracts and intellectual property: what you need to know and include in your legal documents.
  • Creativity and inspiration.
  • Portfolio review.
  • Second shooting for other photographers, where to start?
  • Destination weddings: costs, travels. What to think about.

I offer different options for these coaching sessions and will create a bespoke training/mentoring for your needs.



I’d love to hear from you and see how I can help you in your photography adventure